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    An introduction to GTicket


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    Flexible, Bespoke End-to-End Enforcement Solution. 

    Every car trip begins and ends in a parking space. The most innovative approaches to parking management will improve the economic, social, and environmental quality of any city.

    Choosing the right parking policies and implementing them with the best tools and supports can help a city achieve its goal – whether it is to reduce CO2 emissions, to relieve traffic jams, to create a revenue stream, or any number of other reasons.

    For cities to effectively implement such system they need a solid operational partner organisation with the understanding of the latest in technologies and practices being implemented across the globe, this is where GlobeTech can really make a difference.

    gTicket is a parking management solution that addressed the needs of transport, finance, legal, customer services and IT departments whilst also meeting the individual requirements of remote and office-based users within these areas. GlobeTech recognise that gTicket must operate in the context of legislative, financial and policy considerations and must be flexible enough to adapt and take on new functionality as changes inevitably occur.

    The gticket Solution progresses and streamlines the penalty notice process from issue to final payment or closure, allowing full back-end reporting at all stages.

    Every aspect of a GlobeTech solution reduces the window of time between ticket issue and revenue collection by reducing field errors as well as enabling a full and accurate audit trail.

    With a focus on ease of use, successful implementation of a GlobeTech parking solution can lead to productivity gains of up to 40%.


    On the Street




    Back Office








    Flexible Solution

    GlobeTech have extensive experience of all implementation types. This means we can offer advice and expertise to Local authorities, to ensure the trouble free implementation.


    The web based design of the GTicket solution means there are various install options available based on individual need:



    GTicket is designed to run a number of pieces of legislation through one back-office solution. This allows for a single team to manage more than one operation.


    The system can easily adapted to inevitable changes in legislation, without losing access to historic data.

    This flexible business model means the setup and ongoing costs are clear from the outset and customers can depend on high quality support and access to system enhancements.

    Overall the GTicket allows Authorities to focus on the management of parking enforcement, while application specialists provide exceptional infrastructure, services and support.