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    Customer View

    London 2012

    Parking Control on an Olympic Scale.


    A key objective of the London 2012 bid was to make the event the first public transport access only Games.

    In order to achieve this objective the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) worked in partnership with GLOBETECH and 23 Parking Enforcement Authorities across the Country to develop a temporary parking solution around 18 London 2012 venues.

    This solution was developed in order to manage traffic and parking for the convenience and safety of the local communities during the Games and included the introduction of a temporary resident and business parking protection area in the vicinity of each venue.

    The parking control and parking enforcement solution

    The parking control was established by amending the existing controls and introducing further temporary controls, these parking controls required an comprehensive parking enforcement solution with a proven track record.

    No parking enforcement solution had been introduced before in such a short time period and on such a large scale

    An innovative ‘virtual parking permit’ scheme was introduced for the London Boroughs.

    GlobeTech was selected to provide a state-of-the-art end to end IT solution consisting of a permit processing system and database with web service description language which allowed for direct integration of the GlobeTech system with the customer telephone and web applications, and ANPR/CCTV enforcement vehicles.

    A summary of key statistics

    In addition throughout the duration of the Games, each venue had stringent access restrictions for both vehicles and personnel to ensure high security and to help manage the available space.

    The Vehicle Access Parking Permit (VAPPS) Scheme was put in place to manage venue access and parking rights, designed by the LOCOG VAPPS team within LOCOGTransport. The database used to power the system was a customisation of GlobeTech gTicket platform and working together with TfL on games lanes, the program was well received.

    Consisting of physical permits that were required to also be registered with LOCOG transport, the VAPPs were checked at each Venue’s access points to ensure vehicles had the right to enter and perform their duties. VAPPs were also used to manage the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network’s Games Lanes in partnership with TfL.

    Customer View

    “No parking enforcement solution has been introduced in such a small time period and on such a large scale. The technologies that were developed and deployed for the Games have set the benchmark for future major sporting and other large scale events across the world and demonstrate that GlobeTech and their partners in this project continue to be market leaders in the use of technology and innovation. The system was flexible in that it could be configured to suit client requirements and the user interface changed to any language. The web based system removed the need to provide any additional IT hardware.”