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    Case Study

    London Borough of Croydon

    GlobeTech deliver a 21st century parking management solution.

    Neil Ashworth

    Relationship Manager, Community Services, London Borough of Croydon

    The London Borough of Croydon is one of the larger London boroughs issuing approximately 120,000 penalty charge notices per year. In 2008 the Borough went to the market looking for a parking enforcement IT supplier to deliver a future proofed world class parking enforcement solution that would meet the needs of the council and aligned to corporate ICT strategies. Croydon Council understood in the world of ongoing legislation and procedural changes and to avail of future technology changes it needed a highly configurable and modular IT parking enforcement system.

    The council competitively procured Globetech and the GTicket suite to enable their objectives to be achieved and in several key areas surpassed their high expectations.

    Today the London Borough of Croydon has a world class parking management system, deployed and hosted by GlobeTech. The Council and GlobeTech partnership has deliver with minimum disruption a vastly improved service across all departments and users.

    Globetech worked collaboratively with other council partners, CapGemini, Xerox, KoFax and ВТ to successfully implement the solution in aggressive timescales and in time for UKs incoming Traffic Management Act.

    GlobeTech’s web based GTicket solution progresses and streamlines the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) process from issuance to final payment or closure, allowing full back-end reporting at all stages. Integration with other GlobeTech modules such as Clamping and Removals, CCTV enforcement, Permit Management, GIS recording and mapping. Work Flow management. Document management, MIS reporting and many 3rd party modules to facilitates allied operations to be managed through the same system. Every aspect of a GlobeTech solution reduces the window of time between PCN issue and revenue collection by reducing on-street errors as well as enabling a full and accurate audit trail.

    Working in partnership with GlobeTech, Croydon has realised the following improvements, efficiency and customer benefits facilitating organisational change and service redesign which in turn yielded efficiency savings of £1.3million per annum.