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    An efficient, remotely managed, hosted solution - accessible to all over the web

    Shared Solutions

    Collaborate with other authorities to benefit from our marketing leading solutions



    GlobeTech Services

    Shared or Hosted services offer all Local Authorities the option to benefit from the latest civil enforcement advances, no matter of size or budget restraints.

    Combining the experience and knowledge of your parking team with GlobeTech’s breadth and depth of expertise in parking management systems, guarantees a streamline and efficient process.

    A shared or hosted service ensures a high quality solution that meets current and future requirements, and is consistently compliant with changing legislation and policy.

    This approach allows the parking team to focus the management of parking enforcement, leaving application specialists to focus on infrastructure and associated services and support.

    From initial specification, through implementation, systems expansion and modification, and ongoing support, GlobeTech’s focus on the needs of their customers is unparalleled.

    Benefits of a Hosted Solution

  • More flexible pricing structure without high capital expenditure.
  • Faster start-up than an in-house solution, with full web access.
  • Back office procedures continue to be managed by your own experienced staff, ensuring complete confidence in the delivery of local parking policy and citizen service.
  • Operates within the guidance of changing legislation and policy.
  • All technical aspects expertly managed by GlobeTech’s specialist team
    Including system availability, back-up and recovery, database management, support and associated infrastructure
  • Management control of the parking system remains with the individual parking department, but with the potential to easily share data with across departments.
  • Application can be housed in GlobeTech’s hosting centre, giving all the benefits of scale that this offers, and ensuring that the most up-to-date solution is always available.
  • You are assured of a high quality service backed by a clear Service Level Agreement. (SLA)

  • Benefits of a Shared Solution

  • Smaller authorities can collaborate to take on-board highly sophisticated systems that may otherwise not be affordable.
  • Excellent return on investment throughout the partnership, due to usage based pricing policy and integrated procurement.
  • Management control retained by each participating organisation, with full access to their data.
  • Significant savings realised from the rationalisation of ICT and accommodation, with a shared service hosted by GlobeTech or run in a nominated service centre.
  • Simplification and standardisation are key, however every participating authority will benefit from GlobeTech’s market leading parking enforcement solution.