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    Track vehicles in real-time throughout the removals process

    GlobeTech’s clamp, removals and pound monitor allows for tracking of clamped vehicles throughout the removals procedure, and whilst in the pound.


    Recovery vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking so that users can follow the movement of the removed vehicle in real-time.


    The pound monitor tracks the vehicle through every stage of the process whilst on route to, and once received in the pound. This ensures that all legislative paperwork is completed and you can pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle within the pound.


    GPS tracking and location reporting 

    GlobeTech provide state-of-the-art handheld devices that allow for all data to be tagged with GPS coordinates.
    Active enforcement officers can be viewed by location on an online map in real time.




    In addition the system can show the most recent routes for all users, or just a single one, as well as showing the full route taken during the day so far.


    Issued tickets can be shown by location to allow for easy identification of areas were infringements regularly take place.




    Inbuilt map reports show locations of tickets issued, observations noted, track enforcement officers, sign & line problems and patrol zones. As with all GlobeTech’s offerings reports can be written and configured in line with the needs of our client.