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    Who We Are

    Globe Technical Services was founded in 1997 by CEO Kevin Kelly and Operations Director John Stanley. Between them sharing over 50 years’ experience in global leading technology firms including Apple Inc and Motorola.


    Drawing on this knowledge, GlobeTech launched gTicket into the parking enforcement market with the objective of streamlining the process saving time and money for our clients.


    Working with local authorities within Ireland, the product soon became the market leader within the country, utilised by 80% of the market in the country.


    Continued understanding of the industry allowed for development of the product range and an expansion into permit enforcement and removals monitoring.


    Expansion into the UK market soon followed, where complex legislation and processes had to be adhered to. The GlobeTech product suite was selected as it is fully adaptable to the needs of the individual authorities, and could fully integrate with other systems such as websites, pay and display machines, automated scanning etc.


    In 2010, gTicket was launched in Abu Dhabi to manage 75,000 on-street and off-street parking spaces, making it the largest parking project in the world. The product was fully localised into Arabic, another advantage to choosing GlobeTech.


    We now boost a wide geographical customer base stretching from Ireland, UK, Middle East, India and Africa


    GlobeTech’s work alongside The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) was recognised by the British Parking Awards in 2013 with the honour of receiving the Parking Partnership of the year award.